Semnan Sari gypsum mine is one of the top-quality mines in the region with the purity of 96%, which has been the main reason for its demand both in domestic and foreign markets, and therefore it has been able to overtake other manufacturers. What is important about the quality of plaster, is color and purity, and one of the outstanding specification of Semnan Sari gypsum is its color and purity.


Since Semnan Sari gypsum factory really has long-lasting, glorious and brilliant history, thus it has approximately covered about 90% of the country’s different territories and is well-known throughout the country.
Ahovan plaster is one of the famous brands of this factory, which has been able to compete in foreign markets, besides the domestic markets, and this factory exports its products to the neighboring and other countries.

Quality control

The granulated gypsum is controlled every hour and cooked by the factory’s technical personnel, then it is sampled every hour to prevent any probable quality problem occurrence, and if there should be any problem, it will be solve as quickly as possible.
The sampling is carried out in this way that every hour some cooked gypsum samples are delivered to the factory’s laboratory for test and quality control.


The high quality gypsum, after analysis, is granulated and directed for cooking, which this action has the great influence in the quality of the product. Gypsum cooking operation is done in this stage as well, and the granulated stones are cooked with proper burner heat under optimal temperature. Temperature and heat for gypsum cooking have a straight relation with different gypsum types with various trends, and the suitable temperature is determined by the type, volume, and quantity of gypsum.


With regard to the mission of Semnan Sari gypsum factory (Ahovan), in the application of the best inputs and producing high quality products for the customers, it is always tried to get together the set of committed, expert, and efficient workforces, so that to be able to carry out its production and services as good as possible.

Semnan Sari gypsum factory

Semnan Sari gypsum factory was established in Momen Abad village region in 1984 and was exploited in 1987.

Semnan Sari gypsum factory was established through the struggle and effort of the native investors as well as the committed and hardworking personnel in the mineral area of Momen Abad village in Semnan town with an area of 25000 square meters at the mine read in 1984.

The factory production capacity was 100000 tons in the first year, but with regard to the higher quality and the daily increasing demand of gypsum on behalf of the purchasers throughout the country, the factory owners and investors decided to increase the production capacity, and by now the production capacity reaches 340000 tons per year, including 6 shipping lines and 3 production lines, and besides the domestic demands, the gypsum export (Ahovan gypsum)to the neighboring countries is widely done.

The news of Semnan Sari Gypsum Company

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