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High quality gypsum with better cooking, and providing superior product

Semnan Sari gypsum factory, the most experienced and up-to-date gypsum producer in order to providing the costumers requirements

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Semnan Sari plaster factory has 6 shipping lines, and the products have various types. The underlay plaster that is special for plaster and soil, arching, and screed work, has lower stiffness, and lasts between 7 to 15 minutes. The initial stiffening time is 7 minutes and the secondary one is 15 minutes.

The special plaster for the white surface plasterwork is very fine and white. It also has longer stiffening time. Its initial stiffening duration is 10 minutes and the secondary time lasts 20 minutes.

Micronized plaster is used for the white surface plasterwork and tooling. Its initial stiffening time lasts about 12 minutes and the secondary time even lasts up to 25 minutes, so craftsmen have more opportunity for finishing. It is necessary to be mentioned that Semnan Sari gypsum products do not need to be sieved before utilization, so they save time for craftsmen, and the final products are fine and soft enough for finishing.

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