micronized plaster

micronized plaster

As it is clear because of the product name, it is extremely the soft and powdery product, which the whiteness is one of the most significant characteristics of that as well.

It is necessary to be mentioned that this type of plaster is also produced from the highest quality gypsum, and the whiteness, softness, and stiffness are the parameters that have important influence in its production. This plaster also differs in terms of cooking. It lasts longer for this plaster to stiffen, so craftsmen find further opportunity to finish their job, and therefore the final result will be an ideal and stylish work. The specific importance of this plaster is due to its powdery form, whiteness, and stiffening duration, it has abundant consumptions and applications.

Its stiffening duration in the initial stage is 12 minutes and the secondary stiffening time is 22 minutes.

As it mentioned already the particles of this plaster is very tiny, and its measuring unite is one micron, which is equal to 0.0001 millimeters.

Thus this type of plaster, besides its utilization in constructional works for joinery, is also used in industrial and medical plasters. The reason that makes it so special is being powder, its whiteness, and stiffening duration that the whole medical and industrial plasters are made of it.

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