guest room ceiling plasterwork

guest room ceiling plasterwork

The guest room is one of the most important parts in a house. Besides its more beauty than other parts of a house, it has much usages as well. For instance when a guest comes into your house, the first place he/she looks at is the guest room, and this is the room that is more considered. So it is wise to pay more attention to this room than the others and think about making it more beautiful and stylish. The first thing and place you should mind is the main structure of the house, for instance the type of the plasterwork or the design that you want to draw on the house walls or ceilings. Most people draw different shapes like flower on their ceilings with the help of plaster. These designs have positive effect on a house beauty. But it is not suggested that you should use these designs, because most people only repair their house once, and having designs on the ceiling of the house causes it loses the attractiveness and the house becomes repetitive for you. But if you could repair your house every year, you would use these designs in it. Likewise you can design your house ceiling simple and beautiful, and use decorative objects to increase your house beauty.


How design our guest room beautiful and stylish?

For making a place beautiful, first you have to pay attention to its main structure. Therefore if you are thinking about the beauty and decoration of your guest room, first of all pay attention to its main structure.  Try to design your house ceiling with the help of simple plaster and then decorate it by use of decorative objects and colors. It is not possible for you to repair your house every year and change the ceiling design that you had done with plaster, but you can change the decorative objects you had used. The guest room is more exposed to guests than others, and it is the only room than guests pay more attention to. So most decorative objects are put in this room. If you provide a stylish and beautiful decoration for your guest room, its beauty and stylishness will undoubtedly increase.

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