What are the production steps of the constructional plaster?

What are the production steps of the constructional plaster?

Constructional plaster is one of the more consumed materials, which is produced with higher quality and reasonable price in Semnan. Let’s see what is the production steps of this natural commodity, and what steps it proceeds in the factory until it is delivered to the customers?

The first step of the production in industrial factories is supplying the raw material. Gypsum is the required raw material for the industrial plaster powder producer units. Fortunately our country has the richest gypsum mines in the world and therefore it is completely in dependent. Based upon the opinion of the geologists, Iran has the largest gypsum sources in the world that in some areas its purity is wonderful.

One of these area is Semnan desert city that due to its geographical and climatic condition has massive resources of this mineral with great purity. The distinction of this mineral with other ones is its white color when it is pure. But impurities causes different colors in it.

Another characteristic of this mineral is its slightly lower dissolving in water. The experiments revealed that 1 part of gypsum is dissolvable in 495 parts of water, however it dissolves very easily in hydrochloric acid.

Plants lack of growth in the regions where there is immense layers of gypsum, is another method to designate the existence of mines in that territory. But sometimes soil layer covers it and thus plants fine growth opportunity.

Gypsum production process

Depot making and gypsum preparation

 In this stage high quality gypsum, after determination and confirmation of purity by the quality control unit, is loaded in the factory depot. Production is commenced by stone grinding process, and gypsum is grinded in the hammer mill or crasher until the proper granules are created, then they are sieved. The grinded particles are separated according to their size and thereafter are leaded towards the furnace.



The cooking process is done in a furnace. If the factory has double furnaces system, clumps or large parts are dehydrated at distinct temperature in Hibern furnace where the heat is inserted from the top, and the fine parts or gypsum soil is cooked in Laubren Furnace by receiving the heat from the bottom, and ultimately the products of both furnaces are mixed together.

Milling and granulating step

In this step the cooked gypsum is powdered and becomes fine by hammer miller and sieved for re-granulation. The remained particles on the sieve are taken to the mill for the process recycling.

 Packaging and shipping

After granulation the product is packed in the packages with different weights, and later then shipping, it is sent to the markets.

Now we are proud that by the grace of God, with the utilization of the modern technology and the struggle of committed man force and experts, being the producer of the highest quality plaster in Semnan region. For more information about the different constructional plaster, its application and price, please contact us.

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