Semnan Sari gypsum mine is one of the top-quality mines in the region with the purity of more than 97% and whiteness of more than 90%. The mine has the capacity of mining about 500,000 tons of gypsum per year. For now, about 1,500 thousand tons of raw gypsum are mined daily by advanced machinery and equipment and transported to the factory depot for supply of gypsum and prudcing various types of quality gypsum powders. It is noteworthy that the ownership of the mine and all tools and machinery belongs to the Semnan Sari Co.

The quality control unit of Semnan Sari gypsum factory takes samples of processing gypsum every hour and at every stage of production for examination and performing special tests using the most updated equipment and specialized tools. Quality control is performed according to the criteria notified by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) from the first to the final production stages. It should be mentioned that Semnan Sari laboratory team is able to perform various tests according to the customer's needs.

   Semnan Sari gypsum products have been available in the market for more than 40 years under the brands "Semnan Sari" and "Ahovan". Since its inception, the company has strived to significantly increase the variety and quality of its products according to the customer needs. Currently, more than 7 types of products are offered to domestic and foreign markets. High quality products, competitive prices, appropriate sales policies and the use of high purity gypsum resources have greatly increased the company's market share. Ahovan gypsum powder products are now exported to many countries such as China, Iraq, Pakistan and so on.

Production stages of various types of constructional powder plaster are divided into eleven stages in general, and different special machines are used to perform each of these stages. These eleven steps are: blasting gypsum, carrying, crushing, sieving, baking, dusting, milling, storing, packing and finally loading. First, gypsum is transported from the mine to the factory depot. After that, high quality gypsum is crushed by a gypsum crusher machine for firing and granulation, which plays an important role in the quality of the final product. Then, gypsum is baked in the next step. The granulated stones are baked with the appropriate temperature of the burner and at the appropriate temperature of the kiln. The amount of temperature in heating gypsum is directly related to different types of final powder gypsum products. The amount of temperature and heat is determined according to the volume, amount and type of gypsum.